My Prince’s Trust experience

Groundwork Prince’s Trust Team member Adam gives his thoughts on the past 12 weeks of the programme…

The Groundwork Prince’s Trust Team programme has given me a fantastic opportunity to grow. Whether I took that opportunity or not was determined by the level of commitment I had with taking part in activities that were outside of my comfort zone, how involved I was with the course, and how punctual I was each day. I can conclude, thankfully, that I have been fully committed to this course and managed to somehow take part in all the activities that were presented to me. As such, it has helped me a lot to develop into a better person.

In the first week, as is typical for me whenever I meet new people, I was withdrawn and struggled to communicate with others; I wasn’t the only one who was in that position, however. During the first week, I knew I was an awkward person and looking back at it, I have no differing opinion of it. To see myself as I am now to how I was back then, I cannot deny that I have changed, but it doesn’t stop my confusion over other team members stating that I am the one who has changed the most.

Team R121 group shot at a waterfall
Team R121 group shot at a waterfall

The second week was the fabled residential, where we had a week out and took part in activities we would normally not do, such as caving, abseiling, rock climbing and ghyll scrambling. Despite having a terrible fear of something happening that would result in me plummeting to the ground, I still managed to complete these activities and the feeling of accomplishment with overcoming these activities was quite simply overwhelming and gave me a rise in motivation. It also gave us the opportunity to get closer to one another so that we can become one as a team.

During the course, we had to find and complete a community project and when we had decided on one, we had to figure out ways to raise money for the materials that will be used for the project. We had decided on doing bag packing in B&M. This was something I was not looking forward to at all since I had to approach many new people in an effort to raise money, and it felt hideously intrusive. I had, however, taken myself out of my comfort zone and as a result, I helped the three of us that took part raise about £106 in three hours. To have been able to help raise that much was an incredible accomplishment, and I cannot help but feel proud that I took the dive… and resurfaced, unharmed and stronger.

We had helped out with the Sudden and Brimrod Community Centre, and that was a wild success despite the fact that the team felt that the building was beyond help due to the state it was in. It took a lot of hard work to get it completed, but we managed to push through and I feel proud of the success we had accomplished. We made a difference – a difference for the better – and I thank the Prince’s Trust for giving us the opportunity to do exactly that.

The final weeks were a team challenge and the final presentation to wrap up the course.

In the team challenge, we had made planters for the residents of a retirement home and helped them to plant seeds so that they can grow their own fruits and vegetables. We also had them play bingo, giving prizes to those who win so that they are engaged in an activity and have a good time.

The final presentation was a time in which we could speak in front of an audience of friends and family members about what we had done in the course and about our accomplishments. It was nerve-wracking for most of the team and I completely understood why. It gave us a chance to stand and speak in front of an audience and to get used to being the centre of attention with everybody watching us. The fact that we were able to do exactly that displayed our accomplishments throughout the course in building up enough confidence to be able to do it. By doing it, it also reduced our fears of speaking out in public.

We all had gained a lot from the course, and one even managed to get a full time job as a result of the work experience. I certainly have a lot to talk about with my own accomplishments when it comes to job interviews, which I would not otherwise have if I didn’t decide to try out this course. As such, the future looks to be brighter and it was all down to the Groundwork Prince’s Trust Team programme.

Adam, aged 21, Team R121 participant

Adam Final Presentation
Adam Final Presentation

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