A helping hand to the Bury community

My name is Luke and I’m a proud member of the Groundwork Prince’s Trust Team – Bury 22.

I am writing today to tell you all of my amazing experience during my time working on the local community project. Aside from the many different activities and projects the Prince’s Trust Team programme gives you the opportunity to do, they also give us, the team members, a chance to give back to the community!

During weeks 5 and 6 of the programme, we were assigned the task of funding and successfully completing a community project of our choice. We soon began our adventure by going out into the community in search of a project that was in need of a well deserved helping hand. After visiting a few different locations, we eventually came to the conclusion that the Grundy Day Care Centre, would be our choice.

Grundy Day Care Centre offers help and support to older people. The centre offers social interaction and stimulating activities for people who are finding difficulty living at home or who may be socially isolated. Grundy aims to give people the skills they need to live as independently as possible.

I found Grundy to be an excellent residence with some of the most pleasant staff and residents I have ever encountered. So much so, that I have applied to volunteer there after the Team programme is over. Grundy had a once thriving garden club which was held in the gardens of the centre. But due to lack of volunteers and not enough time, Grundy was not able to maintain the garden and with regret, had to close the club.

Our main objective of the project was to bring the garden back to life and restart the gardening activities that we knew the residents once loved. Our first plan of action was to raise donations and get all the necessary tools for the job. I was pleasantly reminded of just how generous the local community was, when we was offered way more donations than we had initially asked for.

Arthur Lane nursery, a plant growing nursery, was more than happy to get on board with our project and donated close to a hundred plants for our use! With momentum on our side and great spirits within the group, we got started!

We headed down to the centre and met up with Eddie Cheung, the acting manager of Grundy. He expressed his gratitude and thanks towards us and that he was excited to see the outcome of our hard work. The project itself worked wonders on my well-being, the feeling of helping others and giving back to the community was certainly refreshing. Not only did it give me a sense of fulfillment, it also gave me a great deal of pride, knowing that we, the younger generation, had given back to the older generation, who had done so much for us in their lifetimes.

The project itself was a great success. Not only for the residents of Grundy, but for us, the team. It benefited our group in more ways than one, as a team and individually. We all felt stronger as a team and a family, and that our efforts were not in vain. A part of the Prince’s Trust Team programme, is to help get its members into the working world and this project certainly gave me a taste for just that. I loved it, getting out there, helping others and having a blast in the process! The overall feeling of accomplishment and success will certainly be one I strive to achieve more of.

I would like to thank Arthur Lane Nurseries for the donation of plants and Travis Perkins for the donation of gravel. We could not achieved the outcome we did, without you. I would also like to thank Groundwork and The Prince’s Trust, for giving me this amazing opportunity.

For more information about the Groundwork Prince’s Trust Team programme in Bolton, Bury, Oldham and Rochdale visit the Groundwork website.

To find out more about The Prince’s Trust and Team programmes in other parts of the country visit The Prince’s Trust website.



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