Building skills and overcoming the language barrier

It was great to hear another success story recently which marks a significant milestone for one of our learners. This one is a real testament to the dedication of our Vocational Skills training team and their determination to help every learner to reach their potential. One of our learners speaks a little-known dialect of Ethiopian and at the moment he has very little English.

Our team tried to source a translation dictionary but found that it doesn’t exist so it was back to basics to help this learner to understand lessons and instructions and in turn to be able to understand his queries and concerns. He is a very committed learner and responded really well to different teaching techniques including lots of visual aids to help overcome the language barrier, as well plenty of individual one-to-one support. He was also supported by his peers within the group who deserve immense accolades for their dedication to supporting, guiding and encouraging their fellow learner.

He was studying for a construction qualification for which an online written end test is compulsory. This was obviously a big challenge for the learner who was eager to achieve his first English qualification and for the staff team who were committed to helping him to do so. On the day of the test we brought him to the test centre along with other learners who had been preparing for it and we were delighted to find out that he passed the qualification! Those attending with him also passed so it was a happy minibus of 3 newly-qualified learners on the return trip to the Environment Centre.

Evelyn Brookfield, Quality Manager

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