A new approach – our latest business plan

TeresaI am really pleased to be able to share our plans and aspirations with you for 2014 -2015.

Our business plan has been over 6 months in the making. Every single person within the Trust gets involved in its development and the whole process kicks-off in September.

We felt strongly that our plan acted as a ‘shop window’ to the wider world in terms of highlighting all the work that we delivered last year and being able to demonstrate clearly what impact that has in changing places, changing lives.

This year we were keen to have a plan that was concise and ‘spoke’ to partners and individuals alike in terms of what we are looking to deliver in the next 12 months – but to also outline some of our thoughts in terms of the more strategic and longer term aspirations… our direction of travel if you like!
We hope that the plan inspires you to get involved. We have been careful in showing people how – whether you are a business, funder or individual who may want to access some of our provision – do get in touch.

We really hope that you enjoy the read – we are really proud of what we do and challenge you to make contact and explore the realms of possibilities in terms working with us and making an even bigger impact to people’s lives in communities across Bolton, Bury, Oldham and Rochdale.

Teresa Jennings, Operations Director



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