Volunteers’ Week: Thank you to Spencer

In the basement (our construction training area) we have a volunteer named Spencer Garlick.

Spencer’s trade is a wood machinist but he was made redundant from his job in 2011 after 25 year working for the same company. Spencer was unemployed for 12 months before he came to Groundwork.

We first came across Spencer when he completed the Building Craft Occupations course. He was a star student and finished the course with flying colours and also gained his C.S.C.S. card through Groundwork.

Spencer with certificateHe liked it so much in the basement he asked if he could volunteer and help out with the delivery of the course, supporting the learners.

We consider Spencer a valued member of the work force even though he is a volunteer. He takes a lot of pressure of myself and Izett and lets us get on with other tasks. He is very helpful with the students and he knows what he’s talking about and how the other students are feeling because he has done it all himself. When it comes to the time Spence has to move on he will be very sorely missed.

Thank you Spencer for all your hard work from all in the basement.

By Brian Ogden, Construction Technician / Facilitator at Groundwork Oldham & Rochdale.

Volunteers’ Week takes place from 1-7 June 2013 and this year’s Volunteers’ Week
focusses on saying ‘Thank You’ to the millions of volunteers who regularly
contribute to society.



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