We like our glass half full

By Stuart Brierley, Finance and Corporate Services Director

It has often been described as a local characteristic that folks from these parts can often see the negative rather than the positive in almost anything you care to mention. A classic case of glass half empty rather than half full. Also that if we do have a quality local amenity/ building / attribute that we don’t deserve or are worthy of it.

At times it can seem like there are any number of things we can genuinely moan about – classics include the higher than average amount of rainfall and cold, due to our closeness to the Pennines. Roads – from the problems of pot-holes to closures in the Town Centre as developments take place.

As an organisation, Groundwork is one however which often looks at a situation in a different way – seeing the potential in people to develop, increasing their confidence, helping people in seemingly any number of ways, making changes which improve the local and global environment, and having a pride in our area and the effect of changes we are making – little by little.

This does not require a streak of eternal optimism, but it does require a belief that people and situations can change for the better if only we do something about it, rather than just comment or moan.

Terms which define us are friendly, but not naïve, supportive but avoiding making people dependent, developing personalities without being judgemental, being good citizens which means rights and responsibilities.

Inevitably we cannot always make the improvement that we would wish, but often if you don’t have enough of a positive frame of mind, then defeat becomes much more likely.

Through our website and social media, you can find a wide variety of examples of how we effect that change – maybe there is someone you know who could benefit from one or more elements of this – you never know unless you try.


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