How to write a CV

JanetBy Janet Ratchford, SFL Team Leader

I’m the Team Leader with the Groundwork Skills for Jobs Team in Middleton. We’re a friendly bunch that delivers accredited qualifications in Middleton and Bury and supports residents in the community with finding work.

Part of what we do on the course is to help people create or improve their CVs. What you will find here are some helpful tips to create a basic CV. Next time I write a Blog post it will be about the all-important personal profile.

A CV is your advertisement to a prospective employer and can give you a head start in the race for a job. The content can also form the basis for application forms as not all recruiters accept CVs.

Here are some of my top tips for putting together a stand out CV…

  1. The format should be eye catching.
  2. Use a consistent font and make sure it is balanced – not too spaced or crowded.
  3. Use bold titles rather than underlining.
  4. Sell yourself by referring to all your positive skills and qualities but under no circumstances lie!
  5. Ensure you have all the relevant contact details on the CV – date of birth isn’t necessary.
  6. If your last activity was education related then start with education history. If it was work related, then start the information with that. Put the latest information first and work backwards.
  7. Keep you CV quite brief and to the point – never more than 2 sides.
  8. Remember to keep the language formal enough and don’t forget to spell check!
  9. Always get someone to have a proof read before you send it out.

In addition to my top tips I’ve also put together a CV template that you can download and use as a basis for your own CV. I hope this helps!

If you have any other top tips or useful suggestions that I can pass on to my team and other learners then do please comment below.


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